We take great pleasure in inviting you to join Ermita-Malate Business Owners Association Inc. (EMBOA). Our association was formed to bring together business owners who are passionate about revitalizing and uplifting the Ermita-Malate area. We would be honored if you would consider joining our association.

Who are we? EMBOA is a private, non-profit association duly formed, organized and existing under Philippine laws, dedicated to the improvement of the business environment in Ermita and Malate. Our purpose is to promote Ermita-Malate as the heart of our community. We are also working with the local barangay captains and government agencies in developing initiatives to promote peace and order, cleanliness, and economic viability within the area.

Why join? As business owners, we all know that a dirty, dangerous, and unattractive environment will inevitably drive away customers and visitors. With this in mind, EMBOA intends to be at the forefront of promoting safety, cleanliness, and prosperity in Ermita and Malate. Our businesses form part of the backbone of Manila's economy – the only way our community can prosper is if we allow cooperation to flourish and our shared goals to prevail.

To learn more about EMBOA, we would like to invite you to join us on our monthly general assembly and open forum. We would appreciate it if you encourage other members of the industry to join you in attending – all sectors are welcome!

For questions or additional information, please contact:
  • Mr. Boyet Morales or Nelson Gervacio
  • 526-18-66 / 0908-542-29-52

We look forward to hearing from you.

Very truly yours,

  • Ms. Michelle C. Pe
  • President

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